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Signs and Miracles

weeping madonna

Unexplained phenomena are manifesting on a regular basis. They include weeping and bleeding statues; crosses of light and springs of healing water; divine messages in the seed patterns of fruits and vegetables; bronze and stone sacred statues that appear to drink milk; and intricate crop circles.

"Over many years Maitreya and his group of Masters have saturated the world with miracles... All religious groups look for signs. It is through the signs that they know the teacher is in the world or is coming into the world... In every country in the world, in every religious setting, there are signs of one kind or another."

—Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach.

Crosses of light

Crosses of light first began appearing in California in 1988. Since that time crosses of light have manifested on windows throughout the world. According to Benjamin Creme, the crosses radiate spiritual energy into the surrounding area.

The first such cross to be discovered in Australia appeared in May, 2000 on a bathroom window of a farmhouse in Baringhup, a small country town in central Victoria.

The cross appeared in a double-pane, frosted glass window and can be seen in both panes depending on the angle at which the window is viewed.

Benjamin Creme's Master confirmed that the Baringhup cross of light was manifested by Maitreya (Share International magazine, January/February 2001).

Benjamin Creme is in constant telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom. Through this contact Benjamin Creme's Master regularly confirms whether a phenomenon is a miracle that was manifested by one or other of the Masters. Most of the miracles are manifested by Maitreya Himself, the Master Jesus or the Master Who was the Madonna.

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